Hello, and again thank you for visiting our site! This page is just here to give you some background information about how we got started, our name and a little personal info about myself.

My name is Charlie Brewer. I started making jewelry going on twenty years ago. It started as just a hobby, making things for myself and close family. I realized pretty quick that I was onto something! One of the first necklaces I had made sold to a friend who absolutely LOVED it!! And BREWBEADS was born. You can check out some of the pieces I've made on my BREWBEADS page on Facebook if you like. 

 I never wanted to get too big simply because it would take the enjoyment away from it for me. But over the years my stock of beads continued to grow as well as the list of people that loved the look of my designs. OK, enough about beads. That was just to let you know how BREWBEADS JEWELRY AND ESTATE SALES got its name.

I worked as a maintenance man at a local company for about fifteen years. My wife and I got into antiquing and I found a new love!! We started going to yard sales, flea markets and then we discovered estate sales. WOW. We fell in love and started hitting every one we could. As you can imagine we amassed quite a bit of stuff. We decided to open a booth at a antiques mall in Georgia to thin down what we had accumulated. Now since we were going to all of these estate sales we noticed there was a niche there, a need for professionalism, a need for ME! I plan to do everything I can to make this work, not only for myself, but for everyone involved. I promise you that. If I can't do my best then I'm not going to do it. 

                                                                               Thanks for reading!

​                                                                                         Charlie