• Make contact with your estate liquidator as soon as possible to check availability. It can take 2 weeks or more to prepare a sale. Larger estates could take much longer to properly set up.
  • Schedule an on-site meeting to discuss your needs.
  • Decide which items you want to liquidate. If liquidating items belonging to another owner, have the legal and binding documentation which authorizes and authenticates your ability to liquidate designated items. Documentation may include, but are not limited to: bill of sale, power of attorney, will, letters of testamentary, or letters of administration.
  • Do NOT  throw anything away! Juat because an item is old and dirty does not mean it is not valuable. Even pieces of a broken item can help it's value. Let the estate liquidator determine what is trash.
  • Gather any receipts, sales slips, or earlier appraisals that relate to the items being liquidated.
  • Gather any historical or family data that relates to the items being liquidated.
  • If a vehicle, boat or tractor is to be sold, have the title and registration available.
  • Document ALL items to be excluded from the sale- including fixtures, appliances, ect. Make arrangements to have excluded items removed from the premises prior to the sale if possible.
  • Keep standard homeowners insurance in place. Ensure there will be adequate electricity, water, and appropriate heating or air conditioning to the premises.
  • Selling the house? Have the realtor provide the liquidator with the listing information to distribute to interested shoppers. If the house is under contract, be sure the sale occurs prior to closing.
  • Consider what should be done with items remaining after the sale. Donations and post sale transactions or clean outs should be covered in your contract.​
  • ALWAYS  get it in writing! Be sure everything you agree to is clearly spelled out.

 These are just some of the many things to be considered and discussed when planning for a sale. Overwhelmed? Do not worry-we can handle any circumstance. We are here for YOU! 


Estate Sale Services