• Please contact us for a free consultation. We offer a wide range of services that will meet your every need and expectation.
  • We will organize and price each piece and showcase items to ensure the best possible price.
  • Any and all city permits will be paid for by BREWBEADS.
  • Our goal is to achieve the highest possible price for every piece. Research will be done on all unique and antique pieces to ensure correct pricing is achieved.
  • Any items not sold can be donated with the opportunity for a tax write-off to the customer. There is also the possibility of an end sale buy out.
  • Please contact us before disposing of ANY items. Remember, one mans junk could be another mans treasure!
  • We will operate on a commission basis with the utmost integrity. Your satisfaction is the key to our success!  
  • ​We are set up to accept cash, as well as credit cards to ensure the highest possible sales.